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Conference Call on Advancing Reentry in the States: July 10, 2012

On Tuesday, July 10, 2012, the National H.I.R.E. Network, the Sentencing Project and NELP hosted the conference call "Advancing Reentry Reform in the States: Sharing 2011-2012 Accomplishments in Ohio and North Carolina."

Click here to download recorded audio from the call.

Click here to download presenter notes from the call.

Intended for elected officials and advocates, as well as others who wish to learn more about what legislative reform campaigns have been successful and why, the call included the following panelists:



Participants learned about two particularly successful legislative reform campaigns from the past session, how and why the campaigns were successful, and why the resulting laws are important to the reentry community.

Below are the supplementary materials used on the call, as well as the audio recording.


Audio Recording_Advancing Reentry in the States.mp37.55 MB
Advancing Reentry in the States_Presenter Notes.pdf248.11 KB
Reentry Council One-Pager May 2012.pdf378.61 KB
Ohio Judicial Conference - HB 86 Enacted - Summary.pdf104.37 KB
Ohio CIVICC Database One-Pager.pdf524.08 KB
SCSJ Collateral Consequence Index.pdf401.91 KB
NC Public Defender Client Questionnaire.pdf46.88 KB
SCSJ NC Cert of Relief Explanation.pdf255.65 KB
AMOS-OJPC SB 337 background-2012 07 09.pdf695.51 KB